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20 Sep 2003

03 Sep 2003

Current Stage: Planning
02 Sep 2003

The GSF website and project has been officially born.
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Q & A
Q: What is GSF?

A: GSF or Global Spam Filter, is a Bayesian based Anti-Spam program created to support a multi-user environment, with individualized HAM/SPAM corpuses for each user.
Q: How does it work?

1) Each email that goes through GSF is initially tested to verify at least one of the recipients are both; (a) in GSF's domain filter lists, and (b) subscribed to the GSF service.

2) GSF will then go through each user it has found that matches the critiera (stated above), and filter through the email using that user's HAM/SPAM corpus, or if no users are found, it will send the email on without filtering it.

NOTE: After GSF filters the email, it will automatically update the users HAM/SPAM corpus accordingly. This allows GSF to always have updated corpuses without the user's intervention.

3) If none of the filters tag the email as SPAM, GSF will send the email on through, but if any of the filters come back as SPAM, GSF will first send the email through to all of the users that filters did not come back as SPAM, then GSF will re-write the "Subject" line of the email, before sending it to the remaining users.
Q: How long will it take to finish GSF?

A: I don't think I'll ever be truly finished with GSF, but to re-phrase the question "How long until I can download and use GSF?", I can then tell you that; GSF has already been coded, kind of... I mean, I wrote a prototype of GSF that worked pretty good, but had some planning problems.

Let me explain:
When I initially created GSF, I was setting it up to create a mail header with a list of users that considered the email as SPAM. The only problem with this was some of the email clients I want to support, did no support reading down to a specific header, and then looking for information in it (Cyrus' Sieve filter supports this option). So, I need to rebuild that section, plus other little enhancements need to go into GSF before I want to release it.

I guess I want to make it as good as possible for it's initial release. There are a lot of Anti-Spam programs out there, and some of them do a pretty darn good job, so I'm looking to create something that has features you don't find on all of the other filters.

So, to finally answer the question, I am hoping to release an alpha grade program in the next month or two.
Last Update: 04 September 2003